Multi-zone alarm walk-through metal detector, walk-through scan body temperature and metal detector with a camera and a computer
Tunnel conveyor type x-ray inspection parcel, baggage & pallet cargo system, truck/container x-ray screening system, portable medical x-ray and baggage scanner
Conveyor type metal detector which inspects pharmaceuticals & food products packaged with aluminum foil. Hand-held & conveyor type needle detector / needle detector with two detection heads
Underground metal and gold detector, hand-held metal detector, conveyor type industrial and food metal detector, inspection shoe metal detector
Patrol clock and guard patrol system, binocular military telescope, aim telescope, aircraft pod, thermal imaging camera
Drug & bomb detector, liquid explosives detector, chemical warfare agent and radioactive substance detector, bomb jammer, phone GPS VHF UHF UAV jammer, search mirror & vehicle underside search system
Conveyor tunnel type mining metal detector head, food & industrial metal detector head
Weaponized drone and remote surveillance UAV, Bulletproof Vest, military Manpack Radio Station -- military camouflage suit, Military Anti-thermal Imaging Concealment Camouflage Garment
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TOPTECHES company produces security and safety products professionally, established in 1995. Now many oversea trading companies are selling our products used widely in various fields, they have gotten many reputations from their customers of using our products, now we have 5 product brands ( SIIE, SOTUE, TECOS, STT, ONETECH ), we have helped many foreign companies  to produce communication & bomb jammer, medical digital thermometer, truncation communication signal device, explosive & drug detector, bomb detector, baggage scanner, GSM signal booster, vehicle underside video inspection bomb system, metal detector, medical walk-through body fever temperature detector gate, medical walk-through AI big range automatic scan COVID-19 virus, Omicron virus, JN.1 virus, Delta virus, Monkeypox virus, flu & various virus human fever temperature detector (thermal imaging screening body).

Our company can provide OEM of truncation communication signal device, explosive & drug detector, bomb detector, hand-held and walk-through metal detector, needle detector, industrial metal detector, under vehicle search mirror, medical walk-through body fever temperature detector gate, medical walk-through AI big range automatic scan COVID-19 virus, Omicron virus, Monkeypox virus, flu, JN.1 virus & various virus human fever temperature detector, medical digital forehead thermometer, infrared ear thermometer, body clinical thermometer and walk-through AI automatic scan flu, MERS, Ebola & Zika virus human fever temperature detector for clients. Our products are good-looking, high quality, very stable, high sensitive and can be exported. Welcome to see samples and place an order ! 

TOPTECHES company is engaged in safety and security equipments professionally, for example: truncation communication signal device, explosive and drug detector, bomb detector, explosives detector, walk-through and hand-held metal detector, underground metal detector, industrial metal detector, conveyor type needle detector, hand-held needle detector, conveyor belt mining and food metal detector, x-ray inspection baggage system, time printer, guard patrol system and guard alarm device, under vehicle search mirror, hand-held medical digital thermometer, clinical thermometer, medical walk-through automatic scan various virus & flu human fever temperature detector gate, medical digital forehead thermometer, medical infrared ear thermometer & AI big range screening flu and virus human fever temperature system.

TOPTECHES company involves research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services, it sets up a set of strict product quality and guarantee system, and adopts valid market protection measures. Products conform to ISO 9001: 2008 international quality standard management system and ISO13485:2003 medical device quality management system international standard requirements.

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